Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Delusion of Infinite Resources to Accommodate Infinite Growth

I was driven to write this blog in reaction to the comment a user posted about Julien Simon's population theories, which advocated a belief in limitless natural resources.

Since I'm thinking about making a video about this, I'm going to keep adding to this as I think more about it...

My first thought is to make a poll...Of three possible future scenarios...

Scenario One: The world is doomed. The only way out is to force all of human kind into a virtual reality world. Human beings would be warehoused in large silos, and spend their entire existences lost in a wish fulfilling virtual world. This could only be accomplished if all life other than human life were eliminated. These measures would put an end to the suffering of all sentient life forms. [Yes, this is one option often advocated by a popular YouTube 'celebrity' and often commented on favorably by a myriad of YouTube users.

Scenario Two: The world will be able to accommodate the numbers of humans at least up to 10 billion people and even beyond. This can be accomplished through a more coherent and creative use of natural resources...[This is Pyrrho's view and I need to flesh this out later]

Scenario Three: The world is now at a crucial point of environmental stress. We have critical choices to make in the near term. If we don't want to be forced to react to environmental disaster after disaster, we would be wise to take a hard look at the complexity of our situation...and how our predicament is the result of our inability to see that we will have to make some fairly controversial choices. For example, we need to look at our birth rates. Children are too often born into poverty because we take a cavalar attitude to the suffering they will encounter.

I'd just like to have some feedback on the validity of these encourage a discussion about them...

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