Wednesday, 22 December 2010

YouTube Discussion Questions


1. What was your overall impression of the book? What rating would you give it and why?

2. What do you think of the mother/daughter relationship? How did your view of it change as the book progressed?

3. Was the ending what you expected or were you surprised? If you were surprised what were you expecting?

4. There were some gruesome scenes in this book. Did you have any difficulties with the content in the book?

5. How did the abduction experience change Annie and what parts of herself did she retain throughout the novel? Why were those parts important?

6. Do you think the Stevens was effective in her method of having this story a one sided narration told by Annie to her psychotherapist?

7. Obviously the abduction changed her life completely. In what ways did she change? Were all the changes negative? If you don't think so, which ones weren't and why?

8. The scene in the motel near the end of the book (pages 331-336), why was it so important for Annie to be in control?

9. Was "The Freak" a believable and consistent character throughout?

10. Have you read anything similar and if so what was it and would you recommend it?

Extra Background Question:
If you've read Stephen King's novel, "Misery" what are the similarities and the differences in the two novels? Think about it especially from the gender perspective.

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